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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday Surf- A Day Early! I couldn't resist!

LOTS going on this week, with some awesome posts by other bloggers! My favorite this week was a recent post by Cotton Babies which I shared in an earlier post, I liked it so much! :)

How do Diaper your Baby for Almost-FREE
Almost-FREE Diapers was an excellent post describing 'old-fashioned' ways to make diapers out of household products for those of us who struggle to afford diapers and other necessities. Like the author, I know what it is like to decide between diapers and food. This was just one of the reasons we switched to cloth diapers, but had a good friend not given us (as hand-me-downs) her HUGE lot of g diapers, I'm not sure we would have been able to afford the upfront costs associated with cloth diapering.

There was also a great post by the Natural Parents Network called Babywearing: More than just the Logical Choice

I loved it because I could identify with Kristen in that I too, had received a carrier but failed to use it with my first born. And he too, would only sleep on my chest. We would use it for hiking, but that was about the extent of it. Retrospectively I think we both would have had a far better experience and got a whole lot more done had we shared the 'wearing' experience.

It wasn't until baby A, my colicky/needy/cranky/sensitive (depending on what you want to call it ) :) baby- that I truly discovered the art (and necessity) of babywearing. And let me tell you what.... if I NEVER have to lug around that stupid carseat again- it will be too soon!

My personal fave carrier, the Moby wrap (

and last thing, NEW website find! You MUST check out Mama Knows Best. She also has a blog and a Facebook page.