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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Surf

There were so many great articles this week, I'm not even sure where to start. After a week that went quite awry for our family, this weekend has been a nice refreshing way to re start.

The first piece I found incredibly eye opening, and making me long for an organic mattress, was this post by The Clean Bedroom

Your Chemical Mattress describes how the albeit helpful, flame retardants in our mattress make any conventional mattress a square chemical plant. While I find my mattress incredibly comfortable, it never occurred to me as green as we try to be as a family, that our mattresses were probably the worst offender! Although I am embarrassed to admit it, we have a hand me down crib mattress that we used for my son AND baby A, my little Spiderman does have a new twin mattress that my parents were able to get him for his birthday last year, my stepdaughter has a futon with one of those foam egg crates over the futon mattress, and my hubby and I share a glorious new queen size mattress that we got an amazing deal- but now, we can see why. 

Naturally Organic, photo courtesy of The Clean Bedroom

I also wouldn't have thought that organic mattresses would have even been an option for our family financially. But perusing the website, they have organic crib mattresses that start at only $259 and come with a  FREE crib sheet (organic crib sheets can run upwards of $19.99/each at other locations. They also have kids mattresses for as low as $599!

You also have the option of checking out their Showroom Floor Models Clearance for incredible as-is deals! So all in all, a great post that made it so that this family is saving up for our new mattress purchases! :)

My next post of the week totally WARMED my heart! Across the Hall featured in Natural Parents Network confirmed my belief that you can be an attached parent/natural parent, regardless of how 'strictly' you follow the principles. I have mentioned on multiple occasions that my children both, like the child in this article, showed me when they were ready to no longer co sleep. They too, became fussy and restless until laid in their own cribs. So in my case, I am still an attached parent even from the next room. :)

UGH! and someone had an amazing post on alternatives to teething gels, etc. and can I find it right now??! no. and in fact, my teething infant is screaming in the background- so I better call it quits. If you know which article I'm talking about- please post the link below in comments for all to view! THANK YOU <3

Feel free to share your fave finds of the week below as well!

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