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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Crazzzzzy Life...

So, everyones life is crazy, right?? Right?? 
Phew, as long as I am not the only one :) 

Currently, my two little one's are in their room, yelling at each other instead of napping. I have about 10 minutes now that I have cleaned up the after-lunch-kitchen-disaster, and folded the laundry. We all know how this feels...

On the upside, the fam & I went for a nice (albeit breezy) walk today in our little town, which was nice for us and especially the dog, who hasn't been for a walk since the baby was born (and yes folks, she's almost 9 months)!

baby A,  8 months

my toddler, and his friend Lucas

baby A and her BFF Peyton :)

Sigh... yesterday I packed both little one's up and headed up to pick up my teen stepdaughter. All of us, her on crutches, ran around doing some much needed groceries since my hubby had gone to pick up his much needed paycheck earlier that morning. Ahhhhh the beloved paycheck dance....

Today has been a little less hectic- I've spent some time washing cloth diapers, completing a bit of routine house cleaning, and enjoying some MUCH needed family time! So why am I blabbing on and on about this??!

Because as I browse over my Facebook News Feed, and see many of my other mommy-friends having kids birthday parties that trump my wedding, making it to playgroups while still looking stylish, having luxurious date nights since they can afford a babysitter, balancing their corporate career and their multiples, posting about their recent park picnic where their children were angels, etc....   it gets me wondering sometimes why I, with only two children, can't even make it out of the house to run to WalMart.
 And even if I do make it, I'm in my sweats, probably with no make up on, and I can assure you one kid will be covered in drool, and the other will be begging for some toy or book (which he won't get, since I'm sure we can't afford it)

But you know what? After a lot of soul searching- I am fine with it. I have enveloped my world of chaos with open arms.

And while sometimes I struggle with feeling a bit like a sham- who IS this person who occasionally can't even make it to WalMart blogging about parenting??! - I think THAT is the precise reason why I can relate to so many people. Because let's be honest, I believe the same few "super-mommies" that keep blowin up my news feed are NOT the majority of the mommy-population. Would you agree?

We all have our own strengths, and apparently since I've had children, multi tasking has fallen off my list. Oh well.

Welcome Chaos, let me introduce you to my two amazing children. They may be drool-covered, mismatched, and I may look weary & disheveled- but they are loved, warm, snuggled daily, kissed a million times per day, and never left to cry- they are my attached babies :)

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