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Friday, February 8, 2013

Nurslings: A Reflection

As I look down at you nursing 
I wonder how it's true,

Baby B
You are the last of three, 
and there are no more after you. 

How could time go by so fast? 
How is it we got here? 

That you would be but 9 months old 
and still determined to be near... 

You call to me all night and day 
and for now that is ok, 

for despite that I am weary
I know that you are small and won't always be that way. <3

The fact that my own body 
produces what you need, 

that keeps you strong and healthy
and requires but one thing to feed. 

I love that all my little nurslings
take solace in my face, 

a breast, a smile, a rocking chair;
by far your favorite place

or perhaps beside me as we sleep
for I am never far, 

when you wean we won't be sad
it only means what we both know;
that even though you may not need my milk 
It's my job to help you grow...

:) - Mommy

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