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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Clean Bedroom *Product Review*

* Product Review * Organic Buckwheat & Millet Hull Pillow

Wanna sleep like a baby?!

Of course, whoever made up that saying never actually HAD a baby :)  Regardless, let me tell you about a great organic way to improve your sleep. Check out the Rejuvenation Pillow from The Clean Bedroom!

The Clean Bedroom is a fabulous all organic store that specializes in organic mattresses, but also carries nursery items, non toxic kids furniture, air cleaning systems, and organic pet beds! Their home office and showroom is right here in Kittery, Maine! They also have showrooms in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.

* Keep an eye on their website for news on their upcoming expansion of the Kittery showroom! *

Recently I had the fabulous opportunity to try one of the organic pillows from The Clean Bedroom, and was sent the amazing Rejuvenation Pillow. This pillow, made of organic buckwheat, millet hull and eco wool, is (no lie) the single most comfortable pillow on the planet!

Not gonna lie, I am a down-feather pillow girl (I know, gasp!). But I like a firm mattress, and a squishy pillow. I am also a side sleeper. My husband on the other hand, is a back and stomach sleeper. So who better to try this pillow then BOTH of us?!

the pillow, arriving in it's exquisite packaging to my home!

au natural :)

The first thing I noticed about this pillow, besides the gorgeous packaging ( I couldn't get over it actually, the pillows wrapping job looked better than most of my wedding gifts!), was the fact that the box was heavy! This pillow has some weight to it, whew!

That being said, it is worth it's weight in gold! One side is like one of those rice filled heating pads for your neck, and the other is like any other pillow (the eco wool side). But it is a perfect balance for a range of sleeping habits. For example, I LOVED the wool side. I am a side sleeper, and if you can picture it- lie on my side with my arm under my pillow, essentially squishing it into my head. haha. So I loved having the "rice" side on the bottom so that I could conform it around my arm while still having my head supported.

My husband, on the other hand, being primarily a back sleeper, liked having the "rice" side on top, so he could conform it under his head supporting his neck. 

It is the epitome of pillow-versatility! :)

tag of the Serenity Rejuvenation Pillow

the width of this pillow is incredible, but without being bulky or overwhelming

packaging from the back

It also comes with an organic sateen cotton pillow case which is oober luxurious, without the inherent "sweat" factor of it's polyester-ish traditional sateen cousins :)

Why an organic pillow?

1. chemical free unlike it's flame retardant laden cousins. these pillows use the wool as a natural flame retardant, as I referenced in my last Sunday Surf.

2. many of the pillow options at the Clean Bedroom allow you to remove some the hulls, essentially customizing the pillow to your own taste- perfection!

3. Wool is also naturally anti microbial, as well as is great for people who typically suffer from dust mite allergies!

* You can check out more info on pillows on The Clean Bedroom blog, Picking Through the Piles of Pillows.

Surf on over to The Clean Bedroom's website and comment below telling me your favorite product!

Also, check them out on Facebook and Twitter, let them know NurturingtheNaturalMama sent ya! <3


  1. I'm interested in the pillows as well. I am never satisfied with our current pillows.