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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to EASTER at our house: a Spiritual Revelation :)

Spring is HERE, well it was for one day :) Luckily, that day was spent amidst friends and family at baby A's Christening and Easter brunch.

Originally, I had no interest in getting either of my children baptized/Christened... but at the pestering of both their fathers, eventually relented.  My little Spiderman was baptized at a Congregational Church, along with his cousin. The ceremony was great in that we picked all the readings and stayed away from the preachy- 'you are evil until I pour this water on your head' stuff.

And this time was no different. I procrastinated as long as possible (she is 9 months old now). Easter Sunday was approaching, and my husband (Roman Catholic) was wondering how I felt about having her ceremony the same day as family would already be in town. How could I refuse?

So a few weeks ago, I emailed the church I walk by almost everyday in our cute little downtown, in our cute little town which I have fallen madly in love with since we moved here about a year ago. The church front looks welcoming and traditional, and I also knew- it wasn't Catholic :)

Their website explains, "No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are ALWAYS welcome here!"  So to me, that seemed perfect. I attended my first Sunday mass in almost 3 years on Palm Sunday, and low and behold.... I LOVED IT! 

The music, the community, the warmth, the love, and most of all, the hope.

Baby A's beautiful Christening/Easter dress, compliments of my MIL

baby A and hubby on our way to church

our church :)

It's official. I am one of "those" people. Those people that grew up with a severe aversion to formalized religion because of a science background that favored evolution, and because of that, refused to go to church. I figured they were all just as "preachy" as the ones I was forced to attend on Easter and Christmas in the early years of my childhood where I was told people that take the pill are Evil, and everyone is going to Hell, blah blah blah...

But after years of struggling, working, recent months of severe financial strain, and nurturing two children when sometimes I feel I have nothing left to give.... I have found something that helps me to replenish myself. That nurtures ME.

I might not believe in the Bible, per say (now, let's not start a religion riot here- this is all personal opinion) but I love love love the community feeling and the spirituality that comes with attending service.

Easter Sunday was no different- children singing, choir singing and dancing, brass instruments, conversation, and of course- salvation :) Aubrey's Christening was beautiful. There was no talk of her being evil.... nobody is going to Hell.... and her Godparents were there to take the Christening vows with us. The church was full of people in our own community who have vowed to help us raise her, an extension of our family, who all live far away.

It really does take a village to raise a child, and we now have our village. For that, I am very thankful :)

I am also thankful, of course, for our wonderful family. Our family that was able to share in our special day, and enjoy a delicious pot luck brunch (very cost effective way to do a gathering I might add), and we had beautiful weather to boot!

Here are some more photos of our amazing day:

How did you spend your Easter Sunday?


  1. What a lovely experience you describe. I’m so glad your re-introduction to church was a positive experience. Baby A’s christening pictures look so sweet! It really is a lovely church - and she's a real cutie.

    How did I spend Easter Sunday? I, too, attended church with my hubby and son – right up the road from where you spent your lovely Sunday. We, too, were blessed to experience amazing music, community, warmth, & love. After, we did the traditional egg hunt and dinner w/family. It was a day to celebrate, for sure – the last day of school vacation, the last day of hubby’s vacation, and the day of my Savior’s resurrection. Oh, yes, it gave me hope indeed!

    Yesterday – back to the grind. But as I’m amazingly blessed to work from home…I can’t really complain :)

  2. I love this! I have spent most of my life also rejecting formalized religion. This is making me think - maybe there's something out there for me! Love the pictures of Baby A - what a little cutie. She's beautiful in her dress!

    Our Easter was spent with family - Adam met his Great Grandmother for the first time and we celebrated my brother's college graduation because it happened to be that weekend. Low-key but filled with family. :)


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