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Friday, April 8, 2011

Real Mama

Time to get down to the REAL stuff! As I was working on the next installment of our Attachment Parenting Series, a few things occurred to me. My life often does not follow the chapter of a book. However, there are some amazing things happening in this little bubble that is our home, so I thought I should share them.

As I sit here, baby A is crawling all over the place, waving to dada (who is not here, mind you). She still refuses to say mama. She cuddles with the dog, and LOVES playing action figures with her brother. It is a GORGEOUS day outside today and we just went for a walk with the dog with the baby in her Moby. We got to breathe in some MUCH needed fresh air and burn off some of those winter calories.

I was so proud of her today as she ate her banana like a big girl, and thoroughly enjoyed a wheat waffle with some maple syrup. For lunch, she indulged in a hummus sandwich with a side of organic yogurt. (How is it that she has graduated from needing me to puree everything?) Her hair is getting the toddler whisps and curls, and she is able to walk when she holds onto things. Where has the time gone?

Baby A, 1 week old
Baby A, about a week ago eating scrambled eggs :)

My toddler (aka Spiderman) is going to register for preschool on Wednesday! Wow......

On the flip side, as I sit and write weekly about cloth diapering and attached parenting, we are reminded daily of what a normal family we are. We have trouble paying our bills, we clothe the kids in items from Goodwill partially out of liking the idea of recycling clothes and partially out of necessity, we have a wish list a mile long, we struggle with discipline, and our conflicting parenting ideals.

Nonetheless, we are in this together. As wars, and tsunami's, and radiation, and collapsing governments surround us- our little family; with no cable, a limited grocery budget, cloth diapers, and choosing which bill to pay this week- will persevere together. We have a little home, and an even little-er checking account :) , but we have a LOT of love <3

 and for that, I am very thankful :)


  1. You have a beautiful family! I'm following you on GFC now :-)