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Friday, February 1, 2013

Riding the Momentum for 2013!

WOW! So much going on already in the short few weeks since we've entered the new year! Our Facebook wall is updated daily with deals, steals, and cool articles for you to enjoy!

You can also find NNM on Twitter, and Pinterest and Instagram @mymackey

Our next Family Appreciation Night is scheduled for next Friday, and I am introducing our next family challenge: The Orange Rhino

from The Orange Rhino on Facebook
Those of you that are regulars here at NNM know that my biggest weakness is yelling. I am forever striving to improve, and knock this bad habit. The Orange Rhino challenge sounds PERFECT! Plus, my 5 year old will have a grand old time holding me accountable!

I'm going to print out little orange rhinos and glue them to Popsicle sticks for the kids to hold up when I'm about to fall off the wagon ;)

Of course, our challenge will also apply to the kids! ;) (We have to be fair, after all!) and we will, in turn, continue our use of the angry box .

Also, Positive Parenting Solutions is offering a FREE Webinar on Getting Kids to Listen without Nagging or Yelling. Ummmm, count me IN! :) You can register with me HERE

HUBBY and I are making OUR relationship a priority too! 

I know, HOW with 4 kids and one income? Not expensive dates, that's for sure! :) We joined the #bibleinayear challenge with Rachel Wojo.

A few nights a week, we can sit together on the couch, dueling computers as usual ;) but at least read together, take turns sharing a book and reciting our favorite passages, and then every few weeks I ll blog about our experience!

We hope this will be the start of re centering as a couple and not just as parents, which is extremely important to us.

What are YOU working on so far for 2013? Or what would help you make the push to reach your goals?

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  1. Very cool!! Love this orange Rhino challenge! Blessings Girl.