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Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown to #12DaysofChristmas #SeasonofGiving Continues!

Congratulations to Lori Costigan! WINNER of our BodyByViLove GIVEAWAY

Visalus Neuro drink mix , photo compliments of BodyByViLove 

Our 1st guest post for #12DaysofChristmas will be posted Wednesday, December 5th. Be on the LOOKOUT for additional GIVEAWAYS and great one stop shopping, and ways to GIVE this season! 

#seasonofgiving #reasonfortheseason

Be sure to also be following NNM on Twitter and Facebook for the latest info! The NEW album on FB, entitled #12DaysofChristmas #seasonofgiving will contain daily updates from other blogs and pages with shopping deals, ways to give, and/or freebies! <3 

Happy giving!! 

SHOUT OUT to Cotton Babies too, because I just WON a BumGenius Freetime and BumGenius Baby Legs thanks to participating in a #clothdiaper Twitter party! Woot Woot! 

(clearly, we're already fans! :)- baby B ROCKIN her BumGenius Freetime in Dazzle last month! ) 
Baby B last week rockin her latest Goodwill-find dress and Organic BabyLegs (discontinued print)

But Merry Christmas Baby B! LOL <3 and TY Cotton Babies!


And Lastly, NNM has joined the Mom Bloggers Club! 

So CLICK on over and JOIN US <3


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