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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SPRING is finally here!

Wow! Not sure where you have been these last few days but the weather in my little slice of heaven has been FABULOUS!! Baby A has been rockin her g diapers and Baby Legs and my little spiderman was able to run around like a crazy man at the park in nothin but a T-shirt and some light khakis. And frankly, I probably could have had him in shorts- but he resisted.

Since Sunday, we have enjoyed several outdoor adventures, and it has been a great reminder about not only how nice it is to actually BE outside and smell the fresh air, and hear the birds, etc. but that nature is FREE people! Ok, so we did have to make a $3.00 donation when we visited Vaughn Woods State Park for a hike, but it was well worth it!

Check out some pics from our most recent family adventures:
baby A enjoying the swing at the park, it was sunny but still a bit cold :)

1st family walk of the spring! my poor stepdaughter and her crutches :(

Sunday hike in our beautiful town- Vaughn Woods State Park

my Superman, baby A, and me xo

superman and wonderdog, aka Mackey <3

Hamilton House South Berwick, Maine

mommy & her baby

Hamilton House Gardens- such beautiful sites made for an amazing day!

clearly Mackey enjoyed the hike :)

Superman took over backpacking duties halfway through :)


my spiderman at the park with his friend Lucas, this was the other day when it was still chilly :)

pushing baby A on the swings


baby A and her BFF Peyton :)

The moral of this photo album, is that having fun with your family (or by yourself) does not need to cost money! Just getting out and walking, running, taking the dog out, all of these things decrease stress and lighten your mood. And it gets the kids to burn off energy! :)

Our community park is within walking distance of my home, so we all walk there, the kids run crazy, then we walk back. By the time we get home, they're exhausted :) (albeit so am I)

During our little jaunt to the park today, I met a woman that works at the Thrift Store at our church (which I have yet to check out) and she says there is a whole closet of FREE baby clothes! Ummmm, hello??! You know where to find me on Thursday night!

So my lesson of the day? Get outside. Walk places. Talk to people. Hug your kids. It's all good for your soul.

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