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Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring on 2013! Why I am NOT making any resolutions this year...

2012 has been a year, not unlike many before it. Filled with countless fabulous moments, blessings, and other not-so-great moments.

hubby and me, photo credit Keith Sirois

But as the saying goes, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And this year I feel like I have grown in a most important way. I have realized... like, truly realized... had an epiphany of sorts in fact, that my happiness, self worth, and "purpose" in this life is not going to be found in the pages of self help books, at a workplace, a University, inundating my calendar with volunteer activities, or even in my kids faces.

Nope, after 32 years I think I have it figured out. Now to some, this will sound sappy and a bit cliche. But a plethora of tiny, seemingly insignificant events have been occurring over the last few years that finally got so LOUD I could no longer ignore them. The resounding message was that God has GOT this.

photo from Etsy

I've been trying it on my own for too long. I certainly believe I'm where I am supposed to be, but I've been trying too hard. I am emotionally exhausted. My body shows it's physical exhaustion and needs to be refreshed. This year will be a year of focus. No resolutions, because I do not need them.

While this post is beginning to sound like a jumble of old sayings; "My body is my temple" ;) I will only be fueling it with what will make it work at optimum capacity. I am not going to pretend that suddenly I'll make it to the gym 5- 7 days per week, we have 4 kids. But 3 days a week I will be sure to spend a minimum of 30 minutes making sure my body burns off some of the fuel I've put in <3

Most days you will find me in my jammies on the floor playing with my kids. My house will be messy. Most days the dishes will pile up, and dinner probably won't be ready when hubby gets home. But I am ok with that.

I will continue to volunteer my time at the library for Infant Storytime, and I will spend even more time participating in church events. The more I can give to God, the more he will guide me.

photo from Pinterest

He will guide me, if I continue to move forward. And 2013, will be the year of FORWARD momentum.

It will be a year of FOCUS. Focus on my blessings, focus on prayer, focus on teaching my kids to pray, true focus on my kids, focus on achieving true forgiveness- so that I can move forward and stop looking back.

Using focus, prayer, and God to remind myself everyday that I am enough. I will do my best everyday to improve where I can at continuing to be the best wife and mother and self I can be <3

What is YOUR plan for 2013?

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