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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cold Weather Doesn't Just Mean the Flu for Your Kids... It Could Mean Harmful Chemical Exposure!

Originally published by The Clean Bedroom ( November 11, 2013. 
By Theresa Sirois, blogger 

As some of you may remember, I also blog for NurturingtheNaturalMama, and I recently received an email question from a reader that I think may best be persued here, with The Clean Bedroom. Why? Because as I researched an answer to my reader's question, I found myself referencing several websites, including The Clean Bedroom! So since I'm busy gathering a bunch of information on alpaca products for you anyway, I figured now would be a great time for this post! 
The question I was asked was: "What are some healthy recommendations for babies/toddlers in the winter that are warm and not laden with toxic chemicals? We are renovating my kids bedroom and need some ideas... they are starting to get into new sizes, and I am wondering if organic clothing is worth the price?..." 

Here are some things to think about:
Flame Retardent Pajamas

Wool pajamas

 You can check out this great article, Pick Pajamas Free of Chemical Flame Retardents, from Healthy Child, Healthy World which says that PJ's labeled "flame resistant" are actually not the ones you want to purchase. They contain flame retardent chemicals which have "...been linked to a variety of health effects including genetic changes, cancer promotion, and liver and nervous system damage". 

    We've all seen the lables on the jammies that say "this garment is meant to fit snug. this garment is not flame resistant". Clothing with this label are "... free of toxic flame retardant treatments", and are thus a much safer option! Additionally, wool clothing is toasty, breathable and chemical free. You can check out some great selections via Etsy or sites like Simply Merino 

Sleeping baby
(shameless pic of my youngest daughter, Baby B .)

Blankets & Nursery Items 

    Since we're talking about a full nursery/bedroom renovation, I directed her to the Healthy Nursery Toolkit, also by Healthy Child, Healthy World. This infographic gives you all the information you need on what to replace or purchase if looking to build a chemical-free and totally "green" nursery! From the crib to the mattress to the furniture to the paint- they have it covered! And, of course, so do we here at The Clean Bedroom, ready to assist you in all your organic baby nursery needs ;) 

    In the world of all things kid-warm-and-snuggly, I've decided to just go with a personal winner in this department. My kids all have down comforters and organic cotton blankets. Except the baby, who before this winter, had nothing but muslin blankets in her crib for breathable safety! (less blankets, warmer jammies for infants). The muslin can also be used for swaddling of course~ which keeps babies warmer and safer (says the American Academy of Pediatrics) in their cribs.

Air Quality 

Most of us are aware that lead paint, asbestos, and smoking in the home are 3 major ways to pollute the air in your home, and all of which are particularly concerning if you have children. Consumer Reports tells us more about Indoor Air Quality and here are two easy ways to clean up your in-home air: 
  •     test all your smoke detector batteries regularly and ensure you have a smoke detector in each room of your home. If they are not combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors- install CO2 detectors as well, and also be sure to check those batteries regularly. Unlike smoke, CO2 in odorless and invisible!
  •     put an Air Purifier in the most used rooms of your home, especially in a child's bedroom. This will help allergy and asthma sufferers, and make for a healthier night sleep for all!  
Our hope here at The Clean Bedroom is to be a place you feel comfortable and confident coming to seek information on all things "healthy sleep" for your whole family. We warmly welcome, and always encourage you to ask questions!
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