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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 4 #12DaysofChristmas #SeasonofGiving: Random Acts of Pinspiration ;)

So you have no cash. Or very little, like the rest of us. You see all the GREAT deals and steals and ways to GIVE we have going on on the blog right now, but you're afraid you'll barely be able to cover your kids gifts if at all!

We have a solution for that. Well, Pinterest does ;)

logo compliments of Pinterest

Go to Pinterest and search for 'random acts of kindness'. Enough hits will come up that it would give you one for every day of the year and then some! Here are some of my favorites that I compiled from various pins that cost little/no money:

1. community bulletin board? leave a FREE compliment or FREE smile page for people to take from 

used from Things of Blue 

2. Leave a dollar or two taped to the outside of a vending machine with a note that says "Enjoy a treat!"
3. Donate unused or unwanted toys/house goods/clothes/etc. to your local shelter or Goodwill 
4. collect coupons for a new mom or friend of things you know they use! ex/ diapers, formula, soap, etc. 
5. Hide some dollar bills in the dollar bin at Target ;) 
6. Go read a book at the local nursing home or pediatric unit of the hospital 
7. send someone special, or that you haven't talked to in a while an e card (or a real card if you have a stamp laying around :)) 
* lots of great sites for FREE e cards, just do a Google search. But my favorite is Pingg ;) 
8. Offer to walk a friends dog

Have a LITTLE bit of Cash?? 

9. Buy the person behind you coffee
10. Find a $5 movie at Target, or one you don't watch anymore, and leave with a bag of popcorn on a neighbors doorstep; "enjoy move night on me!" 

I hope this helps to bring home that this holiday, our #12daysofChristmas #SeasonofGiving is NOT about donating a bunch of money you don't have. It's about reminding us that we ALL have little to spare, but some have even LESS than us. 

I'll preach for a moment: our kids don't need (much as they say they do) they latest and greatest technological toy. If you can afford it, great! and more power to you! But if you're like us- you can't. 
Your kids get necessities for Christmas. 
And you learn to focus on the special things, the real #reasonfortheseason  like time together spent decorating the tree, or watching a Christmas movie, etc. 

We have always had our kids pick one toy Christmas morning that they choose to donate to a local shelter. It can be as little as a coloring book, or their "biggest" toy: they choose. and they get to bring it. 

It's hopefully sending a message. Holidays are for GIVING. 

If you have LITTLE to give, GIVING will actually make you feel like you have the MOST. 

We here at NurturingtheNaturalMama would love to see our hundreds of FB fans all ADOPT A GRANDPARENT, or donate to Project R12. Or buy from our WAHMs and Network marketers in lieu of Corporate conglomerates this season. But at the least, this list will help you fulfill your holiday with what is truly important: Hope Faith and Giving. <3 Happy Holidays <3

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