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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 3 #12DaysofChristmas #SeasonofGiving: Project R12, A TRUE #reasonfortheseason

 Day 3 is the MOST important of our #12DaysofChristmas #SeasonofGiving. Be sure to check out the Christmas Campaign and PLEASE, GIVE today! After all, THIS is the #reasonfortheseason! Happy Giving!

all photos compliments of Project R12

Project R12 is a non-profit that stands behind Christian Heroes to unlock the unknown in communities around the world. We exist to support the vision of indigineous leaders in rural, impoverished communities. Through riveting media and LIFE Projects, we will help to support the foundation of a self-sustaining community built on Health, Education, and Faith. We believe in giving people the key to unlocking life within themselves and their community through LIFE Projects that defeat poverty and awaken hopes, dreams, love, and ultimately LIFE. 

The unit of LIFE is the driver behind all PR12 Hero LIFE Projects.  LIFE is defined by Health, Education, and Faith. These 3 elements give a person an opportunity to experience a well-rounded existence. If 1 of the elements is missing, the individual is less likely to grow to be a contributing member of society. 
All LIFE Projects have the goal of improving the daily life of each person both economically and socially. All LIFE Projects will be founded on the principle of self-sustainment rather than dependence on outside support. Through LIFE Projects, each person’s life will be improved and the country will experience economic growth and positive social change from within.

Currently, Project R12 is working with a Hero in Uganda, Freddie Kajjumba, and his NGO to support Health, Education, and Faith among a rural village community. Freddie's outreach is mostly to those who are in extreme need and are made up of families, orphans, students, teenage mothers, and widows. Through partnering with Project R12, Freddie and his team hope to create a safe community where everyone has the freedom and ability to experience Health, Education, and Faith.


Project R12 is running their 12Gifts Christmas Campaign that encourages self-sustainment and supports the dreams of children and families within rural communities in Uganda. 
You can choose from 12 Gifts like seeds, sewing machines, livestock, etc - all items that promote self-sustainment. It's a great way to give differently this year and make a huge impact in another person's life. 
If you have kids, there is a special section for them to use their allowance or piggy banks to give a gift to a kid just like them. 
As a thank you, you will get a photo of your gift in action. This will be the first presents any of these children or families have ever received. 
The Project R12 Hero in Uganda, Freddie, is going to wrap them and hand them out over the Christmas season with the goal of showing love, hope, and LIFE to everyone and anyone in the community. 
The 12Gifts Campaign will run through the month of December with the goal of engaging 50 people to give. Help Project R12 unlock life in Uganda by giving  a gift that encourage self-sustainment and awakens dreams. 

Here are some of our sites: 

12Gifts Christmas Campaign:

About the Founder:

Tara Hodgson, 26, is the founder and Director of Project R12.

I never pictured that I would be where I am now. As a little girl, I didn’t grow up with the dream of serving in Africa, starting a non profit, or anything of the sort. As a kid, my world revolved around the love of my family and aspirations of playing division one soccer. It was simple for me. All my hopes and dreams were enclosed within a hand-stitched, one pound ball. It is what I lived and breathed. Unfortunately my freshman year, I had a career shattering injury, and it became very apparent that I would never be able to run and play on the field like I had for so many years. To make a long story short, I was devastated. That one pound ball held more significance and power in my life than anything else. I had blindly interwoven my identity so deeply into soccer that without it – I felt completely lost. Looking back now, it is very clear to me that this was the first climb in my ascent to Project R12.

Project R12 is founded on Romans 12 from the Bible. That chapter has been a rock in my life and pushed me to love, support, and encourage others every single day. God has had me on a journey the last 25 years that is instrumental in me being able to carry out this vision of Project R12. It’s a scary thing to step out, take a leap of faith, and to follow. One thing I have realized and constantly remind myself is that God never wastes pain. Every single pang of pain, hurt, or disappointment I have experienced has been delicately redeemed in ways that bring to my knees, raise my hands in joy, and fill my heart with overwhelming humility.
During my travels, the stories, the passion, and the devotion that I encountered humbled me in a way nothing else could. Within each community there were Christian leaders who took a stand to lead their people, to teach them, to care for them no matter the circumstances. To me, they were Heroes. This is when I discovered the problem: there is little to no documentation or support of these Christian Heroes’ efforts to dissolve poverty and improve LIFE for their people. They have dedicated their existence to serving the Lord by striving to improve the quality of LIFE in Health, Education, and Faith for their communities. Through worldly eyes they had sacrificed everything, but through their eyes they were simply following the call of their King. They have already experienced amazing results even with such limited resources - what if we could stand together with them? Through Project R12, I hope we can stand with these Heroes and develop LIFE Projects that provide long-term, self-sustainable solutions based on the vision of each Hero and their community.

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