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Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 11 #12DaysofChristmas #SeasonofGiving: Educate with Toys

Want to know why I created EDUCATE WITH TOYS?

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In the past two decades, I have been blessed to be a mother of six, a teacher for junior high teens, and a parent educator for hundreds of parents. And in my years of teaching, I have learned two important things: 



I think every child deserves a fun learning experience. So I combined these two things together to create a one-of-a-kind educational resource site. Empower the little stars in your life. CHECK US OUT, AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

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When you were a kid, the worst part of going to the toy store was figuring out what to choose. Today, as an adult, you’re smarter, richer (hopefully), and more decisive. And you still can’t decide. In fact, today, the choices are more complicated. You’re not gambling your $1.50 allowance on a novelty item that might break on the way home from the store, or aiming to outdo the most popular kid on the block with the most dazzling gizmo. You’re aiming for much more… 

You’re thinking EDUCATIONAL, SKILLS-BUILDING, DURABLE, and KID-FRIENDLY. The choices are endless and the potential is limitless. Feeling paralyzed with power? 

Make one educated choice, and see all the great things follow. Check us out at
We specialize in educating parents and teachers to choose the best educational products out there.

Educate with Toys is an EDUCATIONAL TOY STORE – With the lady behind the counter that really knows. What goes. What works. And what pays.

No need to TRY and TEST and RESEARCH and EVALUATE. We’ve already done the legwork. Just key in your educational goals and our knowledgeable TOY SPECIALISTS will show you how to help your child reach this goal in a FUN, FORWARD THINKING way. 

 OR enter a category, such as MATH, READING, SCIENCE, OT, PT, CRITICAL THINKING – or whatever. We have what it takes to cultivate your precious imp into the next Einstein. And we know how to make the process fun! 

Oh, and P.S. This service is absolutely FREE. Our prices are great. We just believe in educating our parents and teachers – because we care.

Reach out to us TODAY: 

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Happy Shopping!! 

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