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Monday, May 9, 2011

Newest additions to our Stash :)

Our cloth diaper stash consists only of gDiapers, thanks to a dear friend who donated the majority of her stash to us since her kids are older. Recently though, thanks to fellow mommy bloggers and mama followers, I have come to further explore this exciting (yes, my life is so ridiculously boring that I find cloth diapering exciting) world of cloth diapers! :)

 For Easter, after my post about Simplifying Holidays, my parents and in laws were at a loss as to what to get my kids without adding to the "crap" in our house. But I must say, they both did VERY well this year! The in laws surprised the kids with a recordable book (to which you can hear "Amma" reading a story to my little Spiderman- SO cute) and some mini boxes of raisins instead of filling a basket full of chocolate and peeps! YAY!

My parents provided the kids both with their very own Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers (of course a week prior- literally- my son finally decided to potty train himself for the overnight- YAY! but that means baby A will end up with his BBCD lol) So not only are these diapers ADORABLE, and you can pick your own snap color, but they are SO comfy! Well, I wouldn't know that first hand, but the fabric is exceptional! and Baby A seems to LOVE hers! I also love the way they fit- Baby A is now about 16 pounds and the medium size fits her like a glove! No leaks, no red marks around her thighs, and barely any cloth-diaper-booty :) Love it!

baby A modeling the fab fit of her new Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper!

and still a great fit, even when climbing stairs! lol

this one shows you how cute they look with the adorable snaps, and her new Kicky Pants T shirt :)

her adorable Navy blue snaps and the signature BBCD tag

attempted close up of her BBCD from the front :) 

 And since we have developed this new love for Blissful Booty, we checked out their website again and immediately fell in love with their wipe water concentrate and can't wait to receive our Milk & Honey scented bottle soon! Be sure to check out all their incredible cloth diapering accessories!

And the last addition as of late, to our cloth diapering stash is the one we WON from Instinctual Mamas Momtrepeneurs, Giveaways, and More FB page from Two Hip Peas in a Pod! YAY! Check out baby A modeling her new Dr Seuss Diaper;

The Dr Seuss Diaper from Two Hip Peas in a Pod

omg it is SO cute!

tee hee! Fuzzy butt! :)

So, be sure to check out Two Hip Peas in a Pod on Facebook, and find Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers on Facebook and Twitter and let them know NurturingtheNaturalMama sent you! <3

And of course, you can always find your gDiapers products at And that is also where I scored baby A's latest Kicky Pants organic T shirt in Natural.  Their links are below, and let them know NNM sent ya :)

* find gDiapers on Facebook and Twitter
* find on Facebook and Twitter
* find Kicky Pants on Facebook and Twitter

What's YOUR favorite cloth diaper??