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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking for an XL gDiaper? Then check out ThriftyArmyWife

After Bedtime by ThriftyArmyWife is an Etsy shop where you will find the missing link on your gDiaper stash- size XL!

 When I was potty training my toddler, I had to switch to pull ups because the Large size (up to 35lb) gDiaper was too small for him! Since he was trained during the day and it was just for the overnight, typically if he had an accident at all, it was always just urine- so a cloth diaper would have been perfect! And since I knew he would be trained shortly, I didn't want to invest in a bunch of different, new brands of cloth diapers since I was so familiar and comfortable with the gDiaper.

Additionally, baby A being just 7-8 months at the time, and wearing exclusively gDiapers (although now we have added several Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers to our stash), we knew she could grow into the larger gDiapers we might purchase for my toddler.

But after a post I made on the gDiaper Facebook page about the need for an XL size, ThriftyArmyWife contacted me and said she made her own XL "gDiapers" that even fit the cloth and disposable gInserts! Woot Woot! :)

large gCloth insert next to XL ThriftyArmyWife diaper

gCloth insert IN the ThriftyArmyWife diaper

So she agreed to send me one to try for the blog. Here are the stats she requested as feedback, and my view on her XL "gDiaper":

So, my child stats:

* male
* 43 pounds
* 3.5 yrs old
* 39 inches tall (I hope I got that right lol)

my little Spiderman modeling the rear view of the XL ThriftyArmyWife diaper with the gCloth insert

Front view
So, overall, very satisfied! The diaper definitely holds the gCloth and gDisposable Inserts just fine. I did find the cloth inserts fit better than the disposable (size m/l). The absorbency was great, identical to the gDiaper brand name. 

The only down side to the diaper was that, as you can see, it still fit similar to a Speedo on my little (or not so little) Spiderman. It certainly was a better fit than the large gDiaper, but still not as big as my kid really would need! hahaha, thankfully since this trial, he has potty trained overnight, which could also explain why no cloth diapers are big enough for him!

My cute XL ThriftyArmyWife diaper will NO DOUBT be sticking around for baby A's bum to grow into! And I can't wait to get some of her adorable prints NOW available from her Etsy store! Be sure to check her out at After Bedtime, or email her at 

Be sure to let her know NNM sent you! What's your favorite diaper in her shop?

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