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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teaching Respect over Obedience

I just read this great article shared by Attachment Parenting International  about Obedient Children- and is it a good thing if your kids are obedient?

I struggle with this question daily as I not-so-eloquently describe in my recent post about struggling with positive parenting and discipline. I want my kids to listen and be polite, but I do question sometimes that I may be forcing them to be 'compliant', which I feel is very different from polite. I want them to speak to others respectfully, think of others feelings before they speak or act, but still feel confident to voice their own opinion and be their own person. But how do we appropriately teach boundaries and appropriate etiquette; without raising a school full of complacent robots?

I want my children to be able to play together, and work out differences together... but respectfully. They do not have to share in our house- but they have to be respectful. Sometimes I wonder though if I have just made that term, "respectful", something of an enigma. What does that really mean?

How do you teach your kids, in an age appropriate fashion, about treating others appropriately without being compliant?

Please share your thoughts with the API article!

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