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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Little Spiderman & What Mothers Day Means to Me

I'm not joking when I say I live with Spiderman :)

And no, this was not Halloween. Just a normal night in my home :) 

Mother's Day 

I hope all my mamas enjoyed their Mother's Day. Mine was spent surrounded by family and friends, enjoying a few hours at the mall with my stepdaughter and hubby and BFF while my parents watched the kiddos, followed by a night by the fire with my parents and hubby, and ending with a delicious brunch put on by myself and my siblings! My sister, aka The Economical Eater, blogged about some of our fabulous food in her recent Mother's Day post- so be sure to check it out! (Plus, her Blackberry Ginger Muffins were amazing!) 

Anyways, we got to enjoy some much needed family time, and outdoor time- which can be hard to come by here in New England this time of year! So it was overall fabulous. 

my hubby working on the yard and clearing out the pool

my little Spiderman and baby A playing with his Batman Cave

still playing :)

our dog "helping" with the yard work :)

Spending time with your family is of the utmost importance any day of the week, and you should not need a special occasion or special day to remember to take those times and hold them close, cherish them. But especially when times are difficult, and parents are working, or just busy with the day to day chaos of raising children and providing for a family, we sometimes forget to pay attention, and savor the quiet moments of play time, or your spouse's hand resting on your shoulder in the car, or your dog sitting at your feet. These are the moments that make everyday, but especially Mother's Day, special. 

Happy Mother's Day!