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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Make your OWN Snack Taxi!

So this weekend I was visiting my brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Gorham, Maine. Although it became colder than expected (I know, shocker for the State of Maine) we still enjoyed some barbecued food, beer, and good company! It was a GREAT way to spend a Saturday night.

My SIL is a NaturalMama as well, and is constantly suprising me with new ways to become more Green! This weekend, I was completely inspired (and jealous) of her kitchen shelving housing perfectly lined Mason Jars filled with all her pantry necessities. Not only that, but her cabinets were now also full of the varying sizes, to accomodate drinking, snack packing, and food saving.

As we discussed my new obsession with Mason Jars, I explained my other wish list item, the Snack Taxi. "Taking dry snacks and sandwiches would be so much easier if I just had a Snack Taxi!" So with what did my SIL respond? "Let's make one!"

photo by Snack Taxi brand

Out came her sewing machine, along with her endless energy and creativity, and within a short 30 minutes, we had my son's first 'snack taxi':

our version of the sandwich 'snack taxi'

complete with snap and coordinating interior fabric :)

ADORABLE, Green, washable, and practical!

The moral of the post is not just to brag that I have a creative, and eternally 'green' sister-in-law :), but also to hopefully inspire you to use the same creativity when some items on your wish list might remain seemingly out of reach.

What items are on your wish list?


  1. Looks great!!

    I was thinking more about the design and I have some new ideas... I am going to make a few more prototypes this week.
    I did learn the hard way to WASH the fabric before sewing a project with it! The Curious George Montessori work mat just shrunk on one side (the canvas side) and now won't lay flat. Keep me posted on how this one does in the wash. It should be okay because we didn't mix fabric types. However, as we explore waterproof inserts, I think we will need to preshrink the cotton outside first....

  2. Is the interior fabric something plasticy and easily wipeable or is it all soft and you just throw it in the washer? I want to make some!

  3. YAY Chelsey! We just used 100% cotton scraps from previous projects, and so far Ive washed it twice and I just turn it inside out to wash it out and it comes out great. As Sarah mentioned above, if you use wipeable fabrics- you just want to make sure they are food-safe, and that you prewash both fabrics BEFORE sewing so you dont end up w a lopsided snack taxi hahaha :) I saw online others that used a pre washed cloth napkin as the interior and a lighter cotton fabric on the outside. HAVE FUN and send me some pics so I can post them on the blog :)