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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's my 'other' kids birthday!

Inspired by Parenting Through the Loss of a Pet, Wordless Wednesday: Kids & Pets (which featured my toddler and my dog lol), and Confessions of a Young Earthy Mom: Meet the Rest of Our Family- I decided to introduce you all to a pivotal member of my family: Mackey.

Mackey is turning 6 in March. I've had her since she was 12 weeks old, and at about 4 months, we were told she wouldn't live past 3.

She is turning 6!

Life with Mackey, named after Vic Mackey from The Shield, has been an adventure to say the least. She has been with me through 2 trying relationships, 2 children, countless moves, 3 jobs, and hours upon hours of her life spent traveling in the car with me :)

Mackey, a chinook mix, was adopted from a private shelter in 2005. I was SO excited to bring home my new puppy! As pathetically sappy as it sounds, she was literally perfect right from the start! (Although don't tell her it was her brother I actually spotted on Petfinder and applied to adopt!) She was quick to crate train and leash walk , and has never exhibited destructive or aggressive behaviors. She has, of course, unraveled the toilet paper, eaten food off unattended plates, begged at the table, and her ever-popular.. run away as fast as you can :)

Mackey- 1st day home, 12w old

Mackey after her spay at 4m old

Mackey, in December, enjoying Baby A's plaything :) 

Mackey, at about 4 months old, was diagnosed with renal dysplasia. In lam ens terms, this means instead of her kidneys looking like plump lima beans, they look more like shriveled raisins. This makes it so they don't function optimally and make her worse case scenario be that she could go into kidney failure at any given moment.

Having been working in veterinary medicine for over 10 years, I took this news with professional gusto, and began the various treatments prescribed to me by Mackey's veterinary team. And yes, she truly did (and still does) have a team.

It has, obviously, worked to my benefit to work in the field for her entire life; as the constant medications, ultrasounds, blood work, and lab tests are easily accessible (and admittedly cheaper) for me than most.

Despite her ailments, her constant urinary tract infections, and all too infrequent walks now on account of the children :) , Mackey has remained my constant companion, floor cleaner-upper, and dish pre rinser :)

She is not snuggly, nor does she listen, or walk by your side unless tethered with a leash :) , but she will nonetheless forever be my first baby :)



  1. I'm crying!!! This is such a sweet post. Happy Birthday, Mackey!