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Thursday, June 9, 2011

RealMama Week: Living Mindfully, RealMama Style

RealMama Week, Day 4
Todays post comes to us from Sarah, "mother" of Spiritual Momma :) 
I am not just a mother. Imagine that! I am a woman, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a friend, a tree hugger, an asshole and a junkie for anything that makes me feel good. I have almost gone off the deep end, several times. Somehow, someway I found myself in the madness and now I want to share that with you.

Living Mindfully, RealMama Style.

photo courtesy of Spiritual Momma on Facebook

I like to get right to the heart of the matter; It has become really clear that my role as a mother is to guide my children on the journey of their spirit. This journey of course, starts with me and the journey of my own spirit. 
My journey has not been graceful; in fact I would venture to say my ride has been messy, traumatic and glorious. Unfortunately I learn the hard way (and so do my children). If I could pass a few ounces of wisdom onto my children.. just a few… they would be:
          *Listen & trust your intuition little noodle, always follow your heart
          *Believe in yourself and that all things are possible
          *Celebrate your BE-ingness (you are special and so very loved)
          *Live in this moment, right now- it’s all you have
          *Life is on your side, so DREAM BIG! and then some
I believe that as a mother, I am to love and support my kiddos no matter what. Even through times of disappointment, fear and uncertainty. Furthermore, I want to live mindfully; at peace with what is, and in touch with myself and the flow of life. 
What I have found is that in order to do so; I must heal my own wounds, seek awareness and acceptance for what is, relinquish my incessant need to control the uncontrollable and allow myself to love and experience joy. 
This means I just refuse to save my kids from scraping their knees on the sidewalk, or harping on them to follow every stupid rule. Life will teach them that, I am certain. I want to show them how to live mindfully, and hopefully make a difference one day. 
Perfection is not an option. This means some moments are difficult, messy, and painful. This is my cue to go within and mother myself. My children are not the problem, and certainly not the source of my discomfort. My children have been my greatest gift,  and have revealed to me time and time again,  that which had not been healed within me. 
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So perhaps right now is an excellent time to ask yourself what motherhood means to you...
In closing, I will share one of my greatest comforts: I am free to change my mind or revise anything at any time. 
-Spiritual Momma
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