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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ignorance is NO excuse for Booby-trapping Moms!

Breast is best. 
Regardless of diet. 
Formula is not "bad", and just as we at NNM welcome and support formula feeding moms (we nurse and bottle feed here)

But SCIENCE supports that breastmilk is the best food for our babies. 
This is why starving and malnourished moms in third world countries still breastfeed...
this is why WIC promotes breastfeeding to low income families... 

You can easily Google images and stories for ; 
tribal breastfeeding
NICU breastfeeding
breastfeeding miracles
breastfeeding during the depression

Breastfeeding has (obviously) been around since the beginning of time, regardless of changes in diet as the times have changed. 

Here are some SCIENTIFIC articles to familiarize yourself with before listening to the booby traps (like we don't have enough already, right?) by the healthy home economist

* African American Women and Breastfeeding Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute (2007):  
The Courage to Love: Infant Mortality Commission Implications for Care, Research, and Public Policy to Reduce Infant Mortality Rates

You can also check out : 

and some of my personal faves: 


Do NOT use resources like TheStir, or CafeMom for true, reliable breastfeeding advice. Hope this helps you to come to your OWN conclusion on what is best for your family <3 

Much love, 
Theresa, NNM 

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