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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

gWhat??!!! and JUST in time for SPRING!

gWhat?! gDiapers launches spring fashion for babies.

--   it’s gStyle from top to bottom   --

baby A modeling her gdiaper- the original face of NNM <3

gDiapers launches gStyle for spring 2013, coordinated top and bottoms for baby boys and girls. The spring 2013 gStyle collection features gWhat and gFleur. 
* The gWhat tee asks the question “what’s your favorite g word?” and coordinates with the gWhat gPant. 
from gdiapers, used with permission
* The sleeveless gFleur dress is a lavender and light green floral print that pairs prettily with the gFleur gPants.  
from gdiapers, used with permission

Both are available NOW at and select retailers

can't WAIT for Baby B to ROCK hers!! <3

About gDiapers: 
Kim and Jason Graham-Nye founded gDiapers in 2005. They had a baby on the way and a diaper decision to make. They found out some staggering, and literally earth-shattering news about conventional disposable diapers:

20 billion diapers get thrown in the landfill every year in the US. They are the third largest contributor to landfills.
 It takes up to 500 years for disposable diapers to biodegrade.
 90% of Americans use disposable diapers.

Today, gDiapers offers a colorful line of adorable diaper covers with 100% biodegradable* disposable inserts. gDiapers are as gentle on the earth as it is on babies. 

NNM and gdiapers:

You first learned of OUR experience with gdiapers when I explained that you (yes, YOU) can cloth diaper your baby. In the almost 3 years we have been using gdiapers, I have only recently added some other brands to our stash. 

Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that we have been dealing with some HORRIBLE stink issues as of late! I have never had that problem until now. My g's are still our favorite ;) 

our stash of small and newborn gdiapers (plus our two Blissful Booty's in the back) 
We also, of course, have a FULL stash of mediums and larges. <3 I am a LOVER of the hybrid. And I love being able to flush the gdiaper insert so my trash doesn't stink like diaper all day (don't be fooled- diaper genies don't work!) Poop goes where it belongs- in the toilet! 


Baby B's g-butt (photo credit Photography by Kay

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