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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Kids Have Celiac, Now what?!

So it's official, all the tests for Babies A and B have come back and they both have Celiac Disease. 

We are still new to our gluten free journey so we are sharing our findings with you in our new Adventures in Gluten Free Series . We have started to make many of the accommodations per the Doctors request, like a separate toaster to prevent cross contamination of foods since Hubby and Sissy are still NOT gluten free. 

this toaster was only $16 at WalMart- so changes do NOT need to be expensive!

So here's some menu item updates that you may want to add to your repertoire: 

* We are obsessed with Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix 

blueberry pancakes. recipe on back of bag of Pamela's Mix. I just add whatever fresh berries I have on hand!

We have used it to make pancakes, muffins, scones, coffee cake and biscuits. All have been DELICIOUS. 

* We have connected with different companies via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; and we scored THIS gem Sunday from Udi's Gluten Free Foods.  

picture from HERE

 I made our meatballs out of ground beef, salt and pepper, chopped spinach, 1 egg, shredded Parmesan, a few tablespoons of soy flour to make them easier to form.

I have NEVER claimed to be a food photographer ;)

*  Another night we tried THIS recipe I found on Pinterest, but the zucchini at our grocer that day did not look that great, so we substituted summer squash. Still came out good and all the kids ate it! <3 

And if you're wondering why I always have tinfoil under my food lol, it's because it was another method the Dr recc for avoiding cross contamination with NON GF items ;) 

And we have always enjoyed fruits and veggies regularly, so being GF has clearly not changed the girls snacking habits much : 

blackberries right out of the carton. Yep, that's about right ;)

yep, the blackberries that day were a hit! <3


What is your favorite ALLERGY FRIENDLY website or FB page?

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