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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NNM NEWS: Busy Busy Summer!

WOW! We are BUSY here at NNM: 


* DADS ROCK Father's Day Giveaway 
        Going on NOW. Check Facebook and the blog for more details

* Rock a Bye Booty Review & GIVEAWAY 
         will be posted by Saturday at 9pm EST. Be sure to check it out and win some FLUFF :) 

* RealMama week is going on NOW
          Day 1     and Day 2  have already been posted, be sure to check out Day 3 of RealMama Week tomorrow with Spiritual Momma

* NEW WEBSITE is currently under construction- stay with us as we move to *

* the next Foundations for BOTH our Purejoy Parenting and our Attachment Parenting Series will be up on the blog by the end of the week. I expect to have them both edited and posted by Sunday afternoon! 


Mama Eve- Your Natural Parenting Resource will be guest posting for NNM early July
                details TBD, but be on the look out for that! She rocks!  

* Baby A's 1st Birthday: A Year in Pictures
                 will be posted by her birthday, July 20th, and I look forward to YOU sharing your kiddos past year in photos here on the blog and on Facebook

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