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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SAVE Marine Animals: Yep, there's an APP for that!

Dolphins and Other Underwater Friends Will Be Nurtured Through EnviroPop App
guest post by AppLabsDigital, Inc. 

photo courtesy of AppLabsDigital

A lot of marine animals are facing extinction because of man-made pollutants and hazards. It is sad that
while these marine treasures are given to us as gifts to be valued and taken care of, man is depressingly
harming them. Worse still, man is actually one of the reasons why certain species are facing extinction.

Dolphins are one of the marine species that are being endangered because of man's own recreational
menace. Trawl nets trap the dolphins when they are swimming across the ocean, and even if they manage
to escape the nets, they will still acquire serious cuts and wounds which can cause them to die. Marine
pollution such as cyanide and oil spill from tankers also poison the dolphins and cause them health
problems that greatly affect their reproduction and velocity.

We love watching dolphins when they trail boats and when they shepherd people that are mounted on
ships. Hoping that these aquatic wonders will not be wiped out soon, World Wide Fund for Nature
(WWF-Philippines) and AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. are bringing an environmental application called
EnviroPop to the app nation. This altruistic project takes advantage of the modern technology to impart
learning and awareness to smart phone users.

EnviroPop is puzzle game which showcases six different marine species (including the beloved Dolly the
Dolphin!) stuck between marine hazards and pollutants. The gameplay is very easy as players only need
to tap at least three hazards and swipe them off the screen within a minute.
The objective of the app is to inform users about WWF-Philippines' advocacy to conserve the marine
biodiversity and to save the endangered sea creatures. One of the educational tools found in the app
is “Enviropedia” where users can view the importance of the featured endangered sea animals to the
submerged ecosystem. Users can also learn about the marine pollutants that are posing a threat to the
marine biodiversity.

EnviroPop is available on iTunes now for only $0.99

photo courtesy of AppLabsDigital
For every download of the environmental app, proceeds will swim its way into WWF-Philippines' marine conservation program fund. This fund will help aid the status of our dissipating marine biodiversity. The app isn't just created to bring entertainment for people, but also to encourage them to learn and do their part.

You can find the Enviropop App on Facebook and Twitter

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AppLabs Digital Studios Inc

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