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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orange Rhino Update: I'm Failing ;) Are YOU doing the Challenge?

So I am determined... and I mean: d.e.t.e.r.m.i.n.e.d to become a non-yeller. Shortly after the new year, I signed on to participate in the Orange Rhino Challenge . Sounded simple: start with a goal of 30 days without yelling. 

As you can see by my ticker to the LEFT: I suck. Yep, I'm a yeller. I've always been a yeller. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT giving up. I have no doubt I WILL become a non yeller... it's just clearly not going to happen overnight. 

Also please do not be mistaken: I am not a screamer... I do not torment my children by yelling 24/7... and nor do I ever (and I mean EVER) berate my children when I do yell. I am simply a loud person anyways (ask Hubby ;P) and when my children don't listen... which is seemingly all the time... I feel like talking LOUDER (ok, yelling) will somehow get them to HEAR me, even though it has clearly yet to actually work! 

photo from the Orange Rhino on Facebook

The kids have been patient with me. Despite my inability thus far to complete a full 7 day stretch, I DO see improvement! I am at the point where I can at least catch myself (if my kids don't catch me first by yelling "Orange Rhino!") As always, I have no shame in apologizing to my kids- they know all too well that I am NOT perfect. But I hope in some way this helps them as they get older. 

Giving the illusion that you're perfect, or a perfect parent, in my opinion just sets them up for failure when they make a mistake, or feel "imperfect". Also, they know how to apologize. Lord knows they've heard one enough! ;)  

 At our last Family Appreciation Night  we unveiled the Orange Rhino Challenge and each child got their own Rhino to remind ME, Hubby, and themselves- that yelling is not ok. We keep each other in check. 

I have also recently ordered some orange gear in hopes this will help me on my quest to become a non yeller: 

something for Spiderman

something for Baby B

and something for Baby A

 Hopefully the orange in my face will be enough of a reminder now that I'll keep my voice down. Orange Rhino had a recent post up about "the emergency yell"- do you agree?

How are YOU doing with your goals so far for 2013? Share them here, on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter


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