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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recipe that should have been good.....

So I'm about to share a recipe that SHOULD be delicious! It sounds fabulous.... I just must not have made it right, because it didn't come out this good for me. But, since in theory it should be good, I'm going to share anyways in hopes that someone who cooks better than I, can make it taste as good as it sounds. :)

Perhaps those over at the Economical Eater will have better luck!

A New Twist on an Old Stand By- Stir Fry 

2 plantains
2 oranges
plain or pine nut couscous
1 sweet potato

saute plantains in oil (you can use olive oil or safflower oil), salt, pepper, and dark brown sugar
take 1/2 orange and squeeze juice over top
add ginger if desired
once caramelized, take out of pan and cover.

add a little more oil to the pan and saute cubed Tempeh
once browned, add cubed sweet potato
cook until semi soft (small cubes will be about 7-10 minutes)

add remaining 1 and 1/2 oranges (sliced)
saute for about 2 minutes
then add plantains and cooked couscous to the pan

serve drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with a pinch of brown sugar

Sounds fabulous, right? Mine came out a bit too dry and not as caramelized as I would have liked. Once you try it, send me a pic and a comment so I can check out how to improve mine next time! Enjoy! :)

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