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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are working parents LESS of a parent??

It was recently expressed to us that there was a feeling that I was more of a "parent" to our children than my husband because he works.

My husband has two jobs, and some weeks works 7 days, in order for me to stay at home with our 4 kids.

hubby and baby A hiking here in Sobo last year
I've written before about the ability to still be an attached parent while parenting from "afar" in my post about co parenting ; and I feel the same theory applies here. Same as if I worked all the time and my hubby was a SAHD, or if we both worked (as many families in America do these days); our kids are well aware that they have two loving parents, and that daddy works so mommy can be with them to love them and nurture them and PARENT them all the time. Daddy makes it so we have a roof over our head and food on our table. He also provides the home and car maintenance, takes out the garbage, and makes dinner almost every night.

I'm not sure where we would be as a family without my wonderful husband.

Regardless of how much and how hard hubby works, we eat dinner as a family EVERY night.

Hubby attends school functions for the kids, comes with me to birthday parties for the kids, makes time to attend family gatherings and just enjoy some down time with me and the kiddos.

hubby and the kids shootin some hoops at a family cookout 

We play games at night, we bring the kids to events here in our community, we share bedtime responsibilities, and Spiderman and Baby A LOVE playing "superhero" with daddy and being lifted up to the ceiling ;) , he takes Spiderman fishing, he teaches Baby A to ride her bike, and plays soccer with Sissy and Spiderman.

How does your working partner balance work and family?

Do you consider your working partner "less" of a parent?

we sure don't <3

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