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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Breastfeeding Week! Now, Let's Talk Bottles...

Happy Breastfeeding Week Mama's!

baby A nursing for the first time, post C section

I'm seeing all over FB and twitter lovely nursing photos and a bunch of helpful BFing links! It's great! But having this all in conjunction with the formula ban is making me think of all our fellow bottle nursing mamas, and I feel the need to send a shout out!

I have nursed all my kiddos. But as I've mentioned before, both Spiderman and Baby A both were also both bottle fed- some pumped breastmilk and some (gasp!) formula! dun dun dunnnnn...

Spiderman was born a chunky 8lb and 9 oz, and being my first baby, I was made to believe he wasn't getting enough milk nursing, so I supplemented with formula. Regardless, I was forced to return to work when he was only 4 weeks, so I more than likely would have supplemented by that point anyway.

Baby A was not bottle fed until she was about 4 months, but we had used the Medela SNS system with her since she was about a week old because she was so small. She consistently teetered on the FTT line. We struggled with nursing, as she had an extremely poor latch. We met with a lactation consultant weekly, a visiting nurse weekly, and baby A was adjusted by a chiropractor twice a week. There was little time for pumping, which is why we ultimately used formula in our SNS system.

But my point is that bottle nursing mamas deserve props too! They are not less of a mom, or "hurting" their babies in any way. Formula is not some horrible, toxic chemical. Sure, it's not the most natural thing in the world; but neither is all the processed foods most moms eat while BFing, or fast food, or "nutrition" shakes, or any other plethora of things a BFing mom (or any child) can consume.

There is more information on  bottle nursing from Attachment Parenting International.

Let's give all our fellow mamas a little love during Breastfeeding Week!! <3


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