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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer FUN! A Glimpse into my Month Off....

What have YOU been doing this summer? My little ones have been having a blast! Many a beach day here in Maine, and some fabulous birthday parties;
Spiderman and mama on his 4th Birthday

poolside fun with their BFFs

the Birthday BOY!

the birthday GIRLZZZ! Both 1 year old!

Sissy :)

She loved her new doggy!

cupcake coma at my niece's 4th birthday party!

in the pool with his new, what else, Spiderman toy! :)

I love living on the Seacoast!

No Baby A, napping face down in the sand is NOT a good idea :)

Spiderman, decked out for the sun on his friends boogie board!

too much salty sea air for Baby A :)

friends <3

why yes, when staying at a hotel, lollipops are apparently a perfectly acceptable breakfast option :P

Baby A and her new Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, compliments of Stork Organic Baby Boutique

Even the dog got in on the summer fun action!

and hubby too! <3

Tell me about YOUR favorite parts of summer.

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