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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did you miss me??

What I expected to be a brief hiatus to catch my breath, turned into an overall blissful summer month with my kiddos! So while I apologize for the absolute LACK of blogging, what kind of mommy-blogger could I really claim to be if I didn't enjoy some much needed, much enjoyed, time with my kids.

So WHERE the heck was I??!

Well, our family dynamics have changed once again... in a GREAT way! While the circumstances surrounding the change were at first scary, and overall emotionally trying- we are SO happy and glad to announce that my beautiful stepdaughter, who we will call Sissy (as she is the big sister), has joined our home on a permanent basis! I know I speak for all of us when I say we could not be happier that she is with us all the time!

My Spiderman just ADORES her, and little baby A is thrilled to have some female support in the house! :)

But what on earth do I do with a teenager??! Lol

I will take any and all suggestions! As we quickly approach the coming school year, her Freshman year of high school, I am planning a Family Calendar and a chore board so that everyone feels equally useful and accountable in the house. We are saving up for school shopping ( a teenage girl can cost some serious bucks! lol Plus, little Spiderman starts Pre K, and Sissy is involved in many sports- cha ching!), and I am eagerly awaiting (like a total DORK) shopping for school supplies- my absolute FAVORITE (yes, I am a total dork) activity of all time!

Stepmoms are supposed to be scary, right?

Eek. I have never liked the term "stepmom". My thoughts immediately turn to Disney's Cinderella, Julia Roberts in the movie Stepmom, and every other cinematic evil portrayal of the "s-t-e-p-m-o-t-h-e-r". (shudder).

But luckily, my stepdaughter has a very involved and active mom, and I have fallen nicely into the essential role of "big sister"/ "mom when needed" lol. I am here for whatever she needs, but tend to side with her on a lot of issues (as her father and I's parenting styles are totally opposite), so she likes that- as you can imagine. :)

So now that she is a more permanent member of the home, does my role change? Am I giving enough attention to each child?  Does our routine change? 

I have found thus far, that no. Nothing changes. We just roll with the punches, and when you sit back, and watch/observe/welcome the little changes... everything will naturally fall into place. Everyone finds their place. Everyone feels important. Everyone feels loved.

How do you handle step parenting? Or any change in the family dynamic?

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