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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter to a Ghost

Dear Ghost, 

I think about you often, even after all these years

Sometimes I think I see you, but you're never there
Sometimes I think I hear you, but that would be impossible

Do you hear me when I speak to you?
Yes, I still speak to you.
Would you listen if you could hear me?

I wonder what you would say to me, if anything.

Are you happy, where you are?

My life has changed dramatically since our paths last crossed, 
I remain a sister, and daughter, and friend
but am now too, a wife and mother and stepmom. 

the now seemingly futile things I used to complain about have become distant memories, 
while the day to day struggles of finances, child rearing, custody and housekeeping fill my days. 

Do you struggle?
Do you wonder?
What do you see, from where you are? 

Dear Ghost, 

Give me a sign, if you can hear me....

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