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Saturday, February 12, 2011


HOW is it that I have not discovered this until now?! I have no idea. But ladies and gentleman, you can SWAP your kids clothes at your local Children's Orchard. Since we've had our latest addition, we have received countless outfits for baby A; some much needed hand me downs, and other new outfits from well meaning family members.

In our efforts to live a simpler, greener life- my husband and I began to look around at the seemingly endless stash of kid clothing around our home and realized it was time to donate. As I asked around to a few friends with children that might fit into the boy toddler and infant girl clothing we had to offer (much of it still with the tags on them), one of my besties told me about this store, The Children's Orchard, and essentially consign your clothing. Ummmm, YES! Count me in! So, I immediately called and set up an appointment to have them check out the clothes we had to offer. We had 3 trash bags full. Yes, 3 trash bags FULL of toddler boys and infant girl clothing that was either the wrong size, grown out of, or just not our style. DOWNSIZE people!

So when you make an appointment to sell your clothes, it takes about 40 minutes (depending on the amount of clothing you have them to go through). They request that the clothes are laundered and folded and in good condition. Anything they don't give you a credit for, they will donate for you to your local Goodwill, so it's a win/win.  You can get cash or a store credit - you'll get slightly more "money" for your offerings if you opt for the store credit.

So for 3 trash bags of clothes that were just filling my home with unnecessary clutter, I received a store credit of $32.50. The remaining items would be donated to Goodwill without me having to make an additional trip anywhere, and with my store credit, I immediately purchased 4 sundresses for baby A, a tanktop for baby A, and two shorts for my toddler all for.....drum roll please...... $3.43!!You heard right! My 2 kiddos are now SET for summer for less than $5!!

Not looking for clothes? It is ok, The Children's Orchard also offers children's toys, books, shoes, and miscellaneous baby gear (like strollers, swings, slings, etc.). Every store differs of course, based on donations.

If you're near Portsmouth NH- next Saturday is their Fill-A-Bag Sale! You get a bag, about the size of a paper grocery bag, and you can FILL it for $5.00. You know where to find me next Saturday! 

My next goal? Find a similar option for my husbands endless supply of brand name jeans and shoes :) Shhhhh :)

Tell me where you find the greatest deals! 


  1. WOW! That's incredible!! Great find. :)

  2. Try Second Time Around in Portsmouth for consigning women's and men's clothing. You get 40% of their selling price. You can either get store credit or once you reach a $100 worth of sales you can get a check! I have made several hundred dollars! They like brand name clothing in new or like new condition (Gap, Banana, AT, Loft, among others). Good luck :)

  3. That is SO awesome Sarah! That is soooooo my next stop!! :) THANK YOU :)