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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight's SAVE

I can't always buy organic. I shop at my local Hannaford whenever possible, but also spend my weekly allotment of cash at WalMart or Target. Lately, I am all about the flyers and the coupons. Hannaford's flyer last week indicated that rutabagas were $0.99/pound. So I did it... with absolutely NO idea what to do with it... I purchased a rutabaga.

Our family is committed to purchasing and consuming predominantly whole foods, which can be expensive. So in an effort to save some cash (in addition to scoping flyers and clipping coupons) we have been purchasing foods as whole items. For example, in lieu of buying prepackaged chicken breasts (typically ranges from $6 to $7), we have been buying a whole chicken (usually around $3.00). We then proceed to get several meals from said chicken, versus just the one meal with the chicken breasts.

So back to my rutabaga. I had a whole chicken I was going to put in the oven today. Googled what to do with the rutabaga, and thankfully came up with a delish side to our roasted chicken (which later tonight will turn into chicken soup- yum!)

Pics to follow, but try this :)

1 rutabaga, peeled and cubed, then boiled for about 20 min
once tender, drain and add 1- 2 tbspn of butter
mash together, slowly adding 1/2 cup milk
add 1 tbspn bread crumbs (we had Panko bread crumbs in our pantry), 1 tbspn brown sugar, and 1 egg

transfer to a casserole dish and top w shredded carrot and bread crumbs and butter
add salt and pepper to taste
bake at 350 for 30 minutes

roasted chicken with apples and onions and a side of rutabaga casserole
(given that we already had the butter and bread crumbs and other seasonings in our pantry)

This also leaves us with leftovers for tomorrow AND I will be using the remainder of the chicken (bones and all) for chicken soup later tonight, which will feed us for another 2-3 meals!

 WATCH for that recipe :) and tweak it to fit what you have in your pantry! Happy eating!

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