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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is there such a thing as Thursday Surf? :) Because I have some GREAT new reads for you!

Most recent post by Sparkle Mama is an incredible post about her and her families journey to financial freedom and inherent inability to feel stable in the moment. Following a financial program, they have ceased paying their mortgage and are paying off all their other debt. They are awaiting a short sale or foreclosure, and are now feeling like temporary guests in their own home, until they have a more concrete plan.

I can relate to that in-between feeling having experienced a foreclosure, as well as my 8 moves in 5 years! Ugh! , I hate it. The stress it causes makes me anxious, and NOT a happy person to be around. So what has Sparkle Mama done in order to feel more like she has a plan? She's pregnant!! :) Yayyyy!

Congratulations Sparkle Mama! 

Natural Parents Network just posted an ironic post (given my recent discussion on my preschooler), on Parenting the Spirited Preschooler. I LOVE LOVE LOVE, did I say LOVE?, the suggestions of checking diet, keeping to a schedule, toddler-wearing, and relating to your preschooler as ways to help with the 'spirited' behavior of a crazy toddler!

I, too, struggle with the discipline and "control" of my preschooler at home and in public when his energy takes over :) I am lucky in that my toddler is typically respectful and overall a good listener, but I was SO glad (and relieved that I wasn't the only one) to read this article!

What were your favorite reads this week?

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