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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Featured Guest Post: Empress of Drac

 Attachment v Free Range Parenting: Which is Better for Your Troubled Teen?
written by

Agnes Embile Jimenez

Troubled teens are troubled for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the teens are just trying to assert their independence and break away from the hold of the parents. Sometimes, the issues are more than behavioral and the teen is unable to control their impulses -- leading to bad decisions.

There has been some discussion on the techniques that should be used to guide these teenagers. Should the teens be given their own independence to deal with the situation? Should parents take a calm approach?

What does a parenting style have to do with how we treat troubled teens? Which parenting style is better for the child?

First, it's important to understand each of the type of parenting styles that we are comparing. Parents that practice attachment parenting are often searching for cues in the behavior of the teen, in their non-verbal and verbal signs, to provide support. Parenting with attachment parenting in mind means providing support for the child emotionally, communicating feelings with the child and having a close relationship where issues are often discussed in great lengths. 

Sissy (for the record, NOT a troubled teen) ;) and daddy <3

Parents that choose attachment parenting are likely going to be less inclined to send their children off to boarding schools to teach independence, as they are more likely to prefer a more hands-on approach in dealing with them.

Parents that have chosen more of a free range parenting approach aren't any less attentive to their children’s issues -- however, these parents may be more inclined to choose boarding schools for education (so that their children will learn to become more independent). Free range parenting techniques encourage teens to find their own independence while being accountable for their actions. Parents that have chosen this type of parenting are adamant on raising children that are capable of finding their way in the world, without their constant supervision. 

When it comes down to it -- which approach is going to be more effective for parents dealing with troubled teens? Parents should consider their own teenager and which responses have worked better in the past, as well as the personality of the teen. Parents might have to try a few different techniques when it comes to dealing with behavioral issues. There is no blanket solution; parents are going to have to experiment with what parenting style works best for their children, and their entire family.

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