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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Spiderman

Today you start a new chapter in your life, 
Kindergarten is a big deal :) 

I am hopeful that you aren't upset or confused that the friends you're used to started today too, 
but at a different school. 

You do not appear to be, 
you are so brave, 
my big boy. 

Clearly I have done something right, 
although some days I am left to wonder... 

... wonder if I have done all I can for you, 
wonder if I have prepared you for making new friends, 
being confident in new surroundings, 
and managing the two different lives that have been created for you...

....I know it must be hard. 
Keeping names straight in different homes, 
having two daddies, two mommies, 3 sisters, one brother, 7 dogs, and at least 5 sets of grandparents;
essentially living two separate lives,
but you do not appear to notice, 
you are so brave, 
my big boy. 

I hope as you get older you see all the effort we put in everyday, 
to make sure you have love and joy and happiness, 
to ensure that you are able to relax and be a kid... 

...we do not participate in the mind games and manipulation, 
you DO appear to notice that, 
you are so brave, 
my big boy. 

I hope you see what others sometimes don't: 
the organic food, the sacrifice, the life lessons, the storytimes, the attention,
the activities, the connections, the networking,
the efforts to give you roots in a community that loves you...
I hope you know that you are so loved, 
and cherished, 
and your mama's main squeeze <3 
Have a great first day, Spiderman! 
Love, mama. 

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