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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trick or Treat! Glam BLACK is BACK!

As you all know I have a strong affinity for gdiapers. I have written about them many times before and am in love with the ease & flexibility of the hybrids! And I just LOVE the style & fit of the gdiapers! 

As many of you prep for the holiday season, first up is a night of pumpkins, candied apples and of course, costumes! So why not make it easy on yourself? This sleek black number can be worn with a festive top for any of the upcoming holidays- or even for a formal evening at playgroup ;) 

Whatever the event, GLAM BLACK is BACK!
And I should add, so are some of my other favorite gdiaper accessories: 

Oh my gosh! And I would be amiss without adding that there is now another extremely adorable addition to the gdiaper accessory family: the gbeanie!!! Really? Could it BE any cuter?! 

from the gbeanie 

And for a limited time, recieve $20 OFF the newborn bundle. You can order by clicking HERE 

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