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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Surf.... yea yea- I'm a day late :)

Some amazing posts I came across this last week or so! Enjoy, and feel free to share yours below!

The Benefits of Co Sleeping by

I love that this article fully addresses all the aspects and myths regarding co sleeping. So many, especially new moms, are so worried about developing bad habits, raising needy children, suffocating the baby, and/or increased sleep deprivation.

And clearly, co sleeping is not for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to safely co sleep. And co sleeping, in my experience, significantly DECREASES parental sleep deprivation. It is far easier to nurse overnight and keep the baby calm in your arms versus getting up and going into the other room, etc.

Additionally, I always felt safer having my babies next to me (I co sleep using a bassinet/Arms Reach co sleeper) versus in a different room. Then I was able to keep an eye on them better- hear all the little noises and feel their breathing pattern without having to listen to a static-y monitor. (I do have a severe aversion to baby monitors- I think they're useless, but that's a whole different story!)

If you've ever read my blog before, you are aware at how much I disagree with the Cry It Out (CIO) method. This is also addressed in this article.

Crying It Out Causes Brain Damage by Peaceful Parenting

As mentioned above, and multiple times prior, I feel very strongly against the CIO method. This re print from Peaceful Parenting just solidifies my feelings. Crying it out causes extreme distress. Extreme distress causes the body to produce increased levels of cortisol, which is harmful to the baby. Additionally, extreme distress inhibits proper growth of certain areas of the brain.

And lastly, you can read some my previous posts on attachment theory, and you'll see that those early responses to your baby's cries- whether you co sleep or not- are what causes your baby to attach to you- physically and mentally. Children who are unattached, or have what used to be termed 'attachment adjustment disorder' not only have trouble forming healthy adult relationships, but can also develop other mental illness and/or social disorders.

A Poem for the Children this Earth Never Had by Peaceful Parenting
Another great post by Peaceful Parenting this week especially in light of October 15th- Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

I cried for joy when I saw the pink lines
We’d waited and waited for such a long time.
People gave gifts to show their delight,
I could barely get any sleep at night.
I was so excited to experience this life
I felt like I finally had something right.
The family I’d dreamed of for so many years
Was worth the wait, and was finally here.
Then in an instant, the joy was gone
I went to the doctor because something was wrong.
He said not to worry, it would all be ok
But he was wrong, and my baby left me that day.
My heart aches for the child I never knew
He was once in my womb, then with angels he flew.
I’m sure he’s in heaven having a ball
With Jesus, the greatest Daddy of all.
I can’t wait for the day that I see my child
He’ll run to me quick with his arms open wide.
I love him as much as I love my new son
But he’ll forever be my very first one.
He holds a very special place in my heart
He made me a Mommy, though his time was cut short.
My dream has come true and my family is great
I have three kids in heaven, my arrival they await.
Someday we’ll be together and they’ll sit on my lap
And I’ll mother the children that this Earth never had.

~ Tricia Pyatt

And then just a quick shout out to another great website I just discovered- if you're anything like me, and have experience post partum depression, you should check out

Post your faves from this week below! Enjoy!

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